The Genesis Experiment
Feature Script 120 pages
Sci-fi, thriller

A soldier is scheduled to come home from his final tour of duty in Iraq but is killed enroute. His family receives a box he shipped several days earlier. Inside is a bleeding statue of Christ Crucified. They give it to their priest who promises to investigate. He sends a sample of the blood to a lab for testing and they are so intrigued by the uniqueness of the specimen that they use it in an illegal human cloning experiment. A clone is created, does he represent the second coming of Christ?


Net Worth
TV Pilot 30 pages

Harley Worth is a computer literate guy that loses his job and is in dire straights to make money fast to support himself and his elderly, dimentia stricken mother. He considers producing porn but isn't comfortable doing that. He reads an article about how big backyard wrestling is and decides to start his own "fight club" in his basement while taking care of his mother upstairs. The staged fights are filmed and sold on a website and overnight he is finally making a lot of money. But the personalities involved in making this business a success are more than he ever imagined.

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