As of April 2018 I have produced 3 full length features in the found footage genre, 1 short comedy, and I have just started producing an animated series based on the character from the 3 films.  My work can be viewed exclusively on Amazon and as of now, my films have streamed over 30 million minutes in 18 months through self promotion.  See a list of my works on Amazon here.

Trailers are below.

Tom Riley, Paranormal Investigator, The Animated Series
Episode #1:  The Witch Bitch.

Badder Ben, 2017, The Bad Ben Sequel.

Steelmanville Road, 2017, The Bad Ben Prequel

Bad Ben, 2016.  Film cost only $300 to produce.  Won the AVD-Stars Bonus award for three months straight (Amazon Video Direct Stars).
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